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The appeal of the Apple Watch is that there is a variant for everyone. The Apple Watch Sport collection is for those among others who appreciate the sporty look. Its case is made from an extremely lightweight anodized aluminum, which can be upto 60% stronger than your average smartwatch. The display screen is protected by a hardened Ion-X glass and the sports variant is available in five distinctive different colours. Apple’s sports collection is not only 30% lighter than the Apple Steel, but it is also an exceptionally beautiful timepiece.

A Distinct Sporty Timepiece

The sports variant of the Apple Watch boasts a customized high-performance sports band, which is not only durable and strong but also surprisingly soft and comfortable. The smooth, soft yet dense band drapes around the wrist with such elegance that it feels a part of your skin, making it the perfect watch to wear anywhere. It offers an innovative pin-and-tuck strap, which ensures a clean fit. This sporty timepiece is available in black, white, green, and even in pink.

How It Functions

In addition to the normal touch interface, the watch allows the users to swipe and tap across the iOS interface. The crown knob on the right side acts as a home button, which can also be used to zoom or scroll through the interface. Next to the crown is an easy access button for accessing social tools.
Although users will still find themselves swiping and tapping for navigation, the new force touch will allow the users to press harder on the screen to trigger the long tap, which is somewhat similar to the right click on a computer. Apple’s state-of-the-art voice control, Siri, plays an important part and is used to compose entire emails and text messages.

The Apple Watch also offers security features for the user’s privacy. Users can opt for a four-digit code to keep their Apple Pay feature secure and the timepiece can also be set-up to be wiped after 10 incorrect password attempts.

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